My book is ready for pre-order


I’m publishing my own writings under the pen-name of Larry Gomes.

Here is the description of my short-story that you can pre-order on

Change Management and the Clown Apocalypse

This is not a business book, it is a fictional story. Business writers Larry Gomes and Lorrie Flowers provide an incisive short story about the major wold transformation taking place in our reality. A transformation from a Knowledge Society to the Clown Apocalypse. The story examines the radical effects it will have on society, politics, and business, now and in the coming years. This story shows how the Clown Apocalypse will affect economics, and explains how we are moving from a society based on knowledge to one whose primary source of innovation is clowning and whose key structure is the clowning organisation. With surmounting horror, the narrator is forced to accept the inevitable buffoonery.


Devon Maloy a.k.a. Larry Gomes


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