Dividing circles in perspective

This is a drawing exercise to demonstrate to techniques for dividing a circle and perspective the larger cog uses and orthographic dividing method the others simply use estimated division in perspective.


New Comic – Too Dark Office Park – (Chapters 1 & 2)

Here is a PDF with the comic pages of the first two chapters of the graphic novel of Too Dark Office Park.
TOO DARK OFFICE PARK – The Graphic Novel – Chapters 1 and 2


This work required almost a hundred hours, probably because I didn’t have a script, but just referenced the prose version and then re-worked it, and re-worked it, and re-worked it. Also, I didn’t make character bibles, so I wasted a lot of time re-working the characters in profile, and ended up recycling a bit of the line renderings, all the same.

I’m not opposed to doing more chapters if a publisher has some opportunity for me. I’ve submitted it for consideration to Drawn & Quarterly, Blank Slate Press, and One Peace Books. I’m not holding my breath, but rather, I’m going back to the drawing board and working through Scott Robertson’s How To Draw.

Onward and downward in a spiraling pattern.


Illustration.Character and Scenery

I am working up some illustrations for a story by Joseph Greene. His story “Echoes” is about souls in a fantastic Purgatory world where sin is purged through trials and progress up a Holy Mountain. Joseph and I hope to make a video collage of the illustrations with him him reading the story. Does that look and sound interesting?

These are illustrations of David Adona, one of the main characters. I am studying Jack Hamm’s excellent book on scenery illustration. The other two paintings are scenes from the Holy Moutain.

Devon Maloy