Video Games I’ve Made

Hi Folks,

You can download the Executable files for my games. They are mostly simple prototypes, but I still enjoy playing them.






Larry Gomes and Terrible Thrills Productions

Ah, yes. Here we embark into the world of entertainment marketing. I have a dozen or so thrilling stories that I have crafted and rewritten repeatedly. I feel they are now ready for market. I also have a graphic novel completed, as well as two games, and an illustrated narrative video in the works. I am certain that all these works will alter your consciousness, because that was their intent as we created them.

My marketing efforts will deliver value to all who view or read or play the content. Some of the content will be informative essays, some will be striking graphics, and some will be in a the category of novel experiences. 

Today, I have completed the cover for the first work that will be published on Amazon. This is an ebook with a prose narrative. I have hand-formatted it in a specific way that will  accomplish my subversive agenda without the reader’s knowledge. A picture is worth a thousand words, so here is the cover by which you should judge the ebook.