Rock Music Recommendtn:Thin Lizzy.”A song for while I’m away”

Rock music can be breathtakingly beautiful – to borrrow a phrase – Here are lyrics from Thin Lizzy’s, “A Song For While I’m Away”

These words I wrote, play and sing to you
Do not convey the love I brought and bring to you
For this is a song for while I’m away
To say all the things I’d love to say

You are my life, my everything, you’re all I have
You are my hopes, my dreams, my world come true
You’re all I have
Please heed me now these words I have to say

Now I’m headed for the border
You see this song it ends right at the start
I swore when I was younger
No one would win my heart

And far away hills look greener still
But soon they’ll all slip away
It’s then I’ll be returning
And I’ll be coming home to stay

You are my life, my everything, you’re all I have
You are my hopes, my dreams, my world come true
You’re all I have
Please heed me now these words I have to say




My book is ready for pre-order


I’m publishing my own writings under the pen-name of Larry Gomes.

Here is the description of my short-story that you can pre-order on

Change Management and the Clown Apocalypse

This is not a business book, it is a fictional story. Business writers Larry Gomes and Lorrie Flowers provide an incisive short story about the major wold transformation taking place in our reality. A transformation from a Knowledge Society to the Clown Apocalypse. The story examines the radical effects it will have on society, politics, and business, now and in the coming years. This story shows how the Clown Apocalypse will affect economics, and explains how we are moving from a society based on knowledge to one whose primary source of innovation is clowning and whose key structure is the clowning organisation. With surmounting horror, the narrator is forced to accept the inevitable buffoonery.


Devon Maloy a.k.a. Larry Gomes

Peter Drucker and Superfreakonomics

Would you like a mash-up summary of Superfreakonomics and Peter Drucker’s writings on innovation?

Discontinuity. That’s when things don’t align. Can we make a quick and dirty fix for a big problem? We should try to do so, on a daily basis, because historically that’s the only type of fix that will work. So let’s get everyone working for deviant solutions and clean up as we go. Cut and run, so to speak. But won’t that result in more problems?  Let’s burn that bridge when we come to it.

So, in the above paragraph I have mashed up Innovation and Entrepreneurship by Peter Drucker and Superfreakonomics by Dubner and Levitt. The overarching theme of Superfreakanomics is that quick simple fixes have been responsible for more progress and betterment that any convoluted overplanned scheme, especially those contrived by government. The message of Drucker’s book is that 1) innovations can be classified into categories 2) firms and individuals can strategically position themselves to take advantage of those innovations, but only if they 3) systematically look for the innovations and improvements.

A PDF version of Peter Drucker’s book is here,

The PDF version of Levitt and Dubner’s book is here,

Speaking of those future problems resulting from quick and dirty fixes… I’m sure I will need to eventually replace the above with links to the pages.  So, there you have it, a quick and dirty fix for resulting problems, as well.


Innovative regards,

Devon Maloy


Frank Zappa Lives – An Integral Look

At the Rudolfinum in Prague, The Czech National Symphony Orchestra performed pieces composed by Frank Zappa for orchestra.
 Credit for the above graphic given to the PROMS Prague International Music Festival.
Portions of the performance included rock instrumental music integrated with orchestral accompaniment  – true to the original compositions. The rock performers were Ian Underwood, Joe Travers, and Scott Thunes – all of whom played on famous Zappa recordings. On guitar was Jamie Kime who has been playing with the Zappa Plays Zappa concert series and is proficient at the staccato Zappa guitar-solo technique.
Here is festival’s page for the event with a video of the symphony performing Uncle Meat.
It was truly awesome and impressive to hear Zappa’s compositions performed live. Most of the pieces were composed for Synclavier, and so it was a feat for any group of human musicians to perform them – one of which had never been performed live. Zappa’s compositions for Synclavier are dense and often cacophonous, but the pieces all have moments where they congeal into more mainstream themes that make full use of the massive orchestra soundscape. A lot of it is reminiscent of Stravinsky, but the distinctive Zappa themes could be described as the soundtrack to Indiana Jones on Mind Altering Substances – should such a movie ever be made.
To get a glimpse into the shenanigans of a Frank Zappa orchestral concert, you can view this 1992 German television special of a recording of the Yellow Shark.
The show I saw had no ballet, and only a smidgen of the antics – one piece ended with the lead trumpet player smoking a cigarette in his section. Not to mention the use of a pistol and a wind machine.
I’m going to digress and say that from my perspective, Zappa was on the edge of being a renaissance man. I’ll just spell out the areas of his excellence as made public: orchestral and rock music composition, satire, comedy, performance, politics, surrealist film, and family man.
Zappa became active in politics when the wives of various US political figures started a music censorship campaign, and he was nominated as Czech Ambassador to the US by Vaclav Havel. No, Zappa was not Czech, but his nomination is another story.
Prolific isn’t a strong enough word. Zappa recorded over 75 studio albums and recorded dozens of live performances, where he pushed his players toward improvisation and excellence.
Here are my top 3 favorites listed by my own description:
Funky Instrumentals – “Hot Rats”
Orchestral and Surreal – “London Symphony Orchestra”
Rock Music, Engrossing, Catching and Humorous – “Apostrophe/Overnight Sensation”
After the show ended, Frank Zappa’s youngest daughter, Diva Zappa made an appearance on the conductor stand and told us that she felt both of her parents were there with us – her mother having died in October of last year, and Frank Zappa having died in the nineties. So, that’s a good recommendation for this and further shows affiliated with the Zappa Family Trust.


Larry Gomes and Terrible Thrills Productions

Ah, yes. Here we embark into the world of entertainment marketing. I have a dozen or so thrilling stories that I have crafted and rewritten repeatedly. I feel they are now ready for market. I also have a graphic novel completed, as well as two games, and an illustrated narrative video in the works. I am certain that all these works will alter your consciousness, because that was their intent as we created them.

My marketing efforts will deliver value to all who view or read or play the content. Some of the content will be informative essays, some will be striking graphics, and some will be in a the category of novel experiences. 

Today, I have completed the cover for the first work that will be published on Amazon. This is an ebook with a prose narrative. I have hand-formatted it in a specific way that will  accomplish my subversive agenda without the reader’s knowledge. A picture is worth a thousand words, so here is the cover by which you should judge the ebook.